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An alternative space for production.

Artists and writers that are isolated from their studios and spaces of collective creativity have been forced to find new ways to engage in conversation about their work during COVID.

New Wave Press works to place students in conversation with local emerging and early career artists, as well as anyone who can offer new and insightful perspectives on creative practice.

TAKEOVER: Ella Wright


About Ella:

I am a London based artist working across a range of disciplines including painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, woodcarving, animation and photography. I have been investigating how through my work, I am able to see the urban spaces I often take for granted afresh, and full of unusual potential. Long walks following the Thames and the Clyde with no clear intention, drawing, writing and picking up objects as I go, allow me to interact with cities’ intricacies and minutiae which might otherwise go unseen. In the studio the things I have gathered outside take on a new life; the mistakes and unclear elements of the drawings are as much a part of my memory of the walks. I have been transcribing these into paintings, prints, drawings, woodcarvings and ceramic works in which the images become more mysterious and fragmented, interlaced with invented narratives. I often work with materials that I have collected on walks, such as clay dug from roadsides and river beds, and pigments ground from bits of broken brick, terracotta and stone.

Find More of Ella’s Work here:

Instagram: @ellacwright

Short Story: Elephant Bone Bricks


Mudlark Exhibition

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