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How-Be–>, Joanna Holisz

How To Be a Good Artist

by Rhona Sword

Step One: Draw a circle.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a little wonky. The best artists aren’t always the best draughtsmen, if truth be told. It’s just a common misconception.

Step Two: Move the circle.

Rub it out, and draw it again elsewhere. Now it is no longer where it was, it is no longer the same circle. You cannot end where you began. You are no longer the same artist.

Step Three: Erase the circle once more.

There are so many trajectories the circle might have taken. The circle might end up back in exactly the same place, but it still won’t be the same circle, and it still won’t be the same drawing. Try as you might, you can never erase all the places it has been.

Step Four: Make a graph.

Artists are quantifiable – didn’t you know that? We have value in relation to everything else – like doctors or supermarket cashiers. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Our line on the graph will lie very low. We are not very valuable.

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