Blair Wallace is an artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. Working between video, performance, installation and photography, Wallace’s practice approaches existentialist and phenomenological modes of interpretation as a means to highlight aspects of existence ranging from the extreme to the mundane. Wallace examines objects and experiences which deal with ideas around documentation, self-presentation, human nature, performance, and control.

The chosen works in progress call into question certain phenomena and ephemera in an attempt to uncover and demystify aspects of human nature. The works exist as casts of time, routine, and labour while providing a surveillance of the casting process. They occupy a boundary between self and other.

Situated in a contemporary context, the work contemplates the changing nature of documentation and how modes of documentation have existed throughout history. Through a process of reflection, works in progress explores how modern advancements in technology and the creation of social media have affected our perception of self and allowed for the documents of our existence to become increasingly performative.

ON 8/3/21

OFF 23/3/21
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ON 29/3/21


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Instagram: @blairwallacestudio

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