Graduate Showcase Special: Yeon Su Ju | 주 연수

Let’s start with your beautiful painting on the cover of The Skinny. This work in particular feels very narrative focussed – is there a story behind the work that you can share with us?  It started with one of my favourite lines in Sangsoo Hong’s film, On The Beach at Night Alone.  “None of youContinue reading “Graduate Showcase Special: Yeon Su Ju | 주 연수”

In Conversation With …Wies Roeterdink

Although the objects that you use are often fairly mundane – suitcases, boxes, door frames – there appears to be a desire to disguise or hide yourself. To what extent do you see these as self-portraits, or do you intend these photographs to function more as alter egos or as a distraction from autobiography?  IContinue reading “In Conversation With …Wies Roeterdink”

In Response To…. Joanna Holisz

How To Be a Good Artist by Rhona Sword Step One: Draw a circle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little wonky. The best artists aren’t always the best draughtsmen, if truth be told. It’s just a common misconception. Step Two: Move the circle. Rub it out, and draw it again elsewhere. Now it isContinue reading “In Response To…. Joanna Holisz”