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Rhona Sword

My practice is informed by a deep interest in rituals and habits, and an exploration of the more laborious and time consuming tasks and activities that make creative thinking possible. I am interested in juxtaposing these systems and the data of habits with the more unpredictable outcomes and discrepancies of the human condition and our uncontrolled circumstances. As I map out time and activity, I want to understand the layout of my existence, how its changes become visible through work, and the patterns that my time and gestures form.

My favourite part of being at art school has been the really exciting collaborative projects and conversations that have emerged from a bunch of creatives sharing studios and workspaces. I’ve found it hard this year to miss out the best bits of my education, and I’m so excited to launch New Wave Press and try and find a way to restart these thoughtful tête-à-têtes!

Instagram: @rhonasword



Joanna Holisz

My practice simultaneously challenges and celebrates the place of sincerity within art making through a combination of written and material enquiry. I explore contemporary justifications for art making and the traditional hierarchies of material, opening up a discussion around perceptions of art and the way in which they are informed by art historical awareness and the abstruse nature of criticism in creative disciplines. 

I’m excited for the creative dialogues that this project will open up, particularly after such a long period of trying to maintain a sense of community during the pandemic! I look forward to collaborating with other thinkers and makers to show some new and exciting projects in our online space.

Instagram: @joannaholisz



Jessie Lloyd

My multi-disciplinary practice functions similarly to the absurd behavioural tendencies of a greyhound or of a breeding coat collection; collecting habits, and the need to chase that which moves with so much vigour it is difficult to gain a clear sighting. I distill and dissect my fleeting thoughts and complex inspirations to seek method and connection, and I explore these through the expanded field of different mediums, ignoring conventional rules.

We have started this project during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we anticipate it continuing to grow far beyond its lockdown beginnings. We will continue to explore what it means to navigate a world tragedy as resilient and adaptable creatives!

Instagram: @jessieglloyd



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