I am going to break in my maroon Doc Martens

I am going to break in my maroon Doc Martens
Nell Mitchell

Today we are snowed in but my dad is booked in for his jab
So he is going to walk for two hours to go get it
And I’m drinking cold tea
Tea is the perfect temperature for 15 seconds and then it is not
But whatever happens you have to legally drink it
Nobody wants to hear about your cold tea
I’m not saying that I WANT super noodles in the cupboard but
When there’s none I think ok let’s get our priorities straight
What if I want ramen but I don’t want to try
What if we are snowed in for longer than a day and my dad has to walk two hours every
time that I want/need something new
A yearlong pandemic makes me lonely sometimes but then the second that I step outside
and see a tall tree I’m like ok I’m ready to be alone again
I’ve deleted zoom from my phone as a radical political movement
I’m wearing three pairs of socks because the kitchen floor is tiled
When it snows for one day I look outside and think fairy-tale
When it snows for two, I’m like falling snow actually really looks like dandruff
The ladies in my post-graduation ceramics class think I own only one pair of trousers
And when they would speak about their daughters I would nod along and laugh so
They may also think that I am a young mother
It’s ok if people think that of me
As long as I am being thought of otherwise I feel as though I might wither
Like Tinkerbelle
If I did have a daughter
Maybe she would be called Tinkerbelle
By wearing ginger perfume I am reminding myself that I am alive

I’m a 22 year old artist/writer/person based in Surrey.
Having graduated in March/April/May/whoeverknowswhen in 2020 from The Glasgow School of Art, I’ve been continuing to pursue my practice back home which consists of poetry, painting, ceramic work and drawing. I view my work as diaristic and candid and often try to use language and imagery in a transparent way in order to convey total honesty. I create in a quick and immediate manner in order to capture an emotion entirely, and often through the written word seek to use everyday themes to make my work relatable and comforting.

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